Asset Management Solution's staff will provide the following services:

  1. Conduct, at a minimum, weekly site visits or as dictated by situations and conditions.
  2. Meet with each service provider on a bi-monthly basis at each property.
    Make direct contact with the Owner or designated individual weekly to address any operational issues.
  3. Ensure that tenants are conforming to the building rules specifically regarding refuse, signage and various other forms of tenant conduct.
  4. Property will be inspected once per month during the nighttime to ensure proper function of exterior lighting.
  5. Perform monthly inspections of the roof.
    Be on-call 24/7 for any service calls, on-site traffic accidents or “slip and falls”.
  6. Vacancy clean-up and inspections, as necessary.
  7. Prepare vacancies for future leasing.
  8. Hire Sedberry & Associates to lease the vacant spaces and pay market lease commissions to both Sedberry & Associates and any outside cooperating brokers.

Contract/Services Bidding: Asset Management Solutions (AMS) will bid each service contract on an annual basis to qualified and proven contractors that can meet the minimum contract and insurance requirements.